Paal 26

Paalsesteenweg 240
3583 Paal

work pref 011 74 30 08

work 011 74 04 18

Menu 1

menu 1 at € 33.00

aperitif, choose from:

aperitief maison
hot and cold snacks

soup, choose from:

asparagus cream
tomato soup

main course, choose from:

beef stew
salmon fillet in a white wine sauce
chicken with mushroom sauce

dessert, choose from:

tiramisu speculaas
fresh cut fruit
profiteroles with hot chocolate sauce

All dishes are served with baked potatoes, fries or croquettes, cold and warm seasonal vegetables and various rolls. All beverages will be charged separately and in addition to the food based on the price on the menu. It is possible to obtain beverages in large bottles.